Inspection of Explosion-proof equipments

An inspection by visual control, a close inspection or thorough inspection that involves the control of the on-site assembly of the products and its evaluation in a report.

The inspections cover also the application marks of the specific products and their applicability on the basis of a certification or a declaration of the manufacturer. RLC measurement is an inspection requiring a special RLC measuring instrument where the intrinsically safe measuring circuits are disconnected and the electrical characteristics of the control technical cable leading to the field instrument are measured and evaluated, taking into consideration also the electrical parameters of the field product.

Jogszabályi háttér

The inspection is required in Regulation 28/2011 (6th September) BM on the National Fire Prevention Rules. The formal/content requirements are specified in Standard MSZ EN 60079-17:2008 Explosive atmospheres. Part 17: Inspection and maintenance of electrical devices. The inspection parameters of the RLC measurement are specified in accordance with Standard MSZ EN 60079-25:2011 Explosive atmospheres. Part 25: Intrinsically safe electrical systems.

Szükséges jogosultságok

Based on Regulation 28/2011 (6 September), the performance of the inspection is subject to authorisation number 07 982 19 0431 04 or 34 525 10 1 or 33 522 04 0001 33 05 or 31 522 05 1000 00 00 pursuant to the National List of Qualifications (OKJ), specified as a damp- and explosion-proof electrical device operator.