Planning, Expertising

Planning of safety technical solutions for the process control and electricity supply of explosive industrial technologies; related Expertising, Engineering Services.

Inspection and Certification

Fire and explosion prevention inspection of industrial facilities; inspection and certification as an organisation appointed by Ministry of Interior; inspection and implementation of protection against electrostatic charge.

Special solutions

Development of explosion prevention solutions and drawing of studies for facilities and equipment requiring custom structures, special designs, licensing and implementation.


Planning of Process-control System (PLC, DCS, SCADA), Electricity Supply, Lightning Protection, Lighting technique, Fire Alarm System, Property Protection System, Gas Detection System. Zone Classification of explosive industrial technologies. Piping and Instrumentation Diagram specification (P&ID). High-level Software Designing.

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Vizsgálat és tanúsítás

Inspection and certification of explosive atmospheres belonging to fire hazard class A or B and their equipments. Inspections for compliance with standards. Making of Explosion Protection Documentation, Explosion and Fire Protection Technical Description. Planning and Inspection of Protection against electrostatic charges. Safety Plans (Labour, Technical, Environment etc.) and Safety Audits.

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Speciáis megoldások

Technical expertise for planning and construction of facilities, equipments to be used in explosive atmospheres. Adaptation of existing technological units, equipments according to ATEX. Development of procedures for CE-EC certification. Official licensing at authorities. SEVESO II classifications, studies. Monitoring and Public Alert Systems (MoLaRi).

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We can help you in these specialties

EX-ON Engineering Ltd. is engaged in provision of engineering services related to explosive atmospheres and industrial technologies. Our scope of services includes electricity and control techniques planning, expertising; testing and certification; engineering of special solutions. Our clientele is constituted by operators of explosive industrial technologies engaged mainly in oil and gas industries, chemical industry, petrol chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, sewage industry as well as service providers in these industries.

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