Inspection of Protection against electric shock for compliance with standards

Visual controls: control of protection method against electric shocks, proper selection of conductors, settings of protection devices etc. Testing with instruments: testing of conductors for continuity, insulation resistance of electric devices, testing of low-voltage and electric separations etc.

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The inspection is required by Regulation 14/2004 (19th April) FMM on the minimum level of safety and health requirements related to working tools and their use, modified with Regulation 22/2005 (21st December) FMM. The formal/content requirements are specified fin Standard MSZ HD 60364-6:2007 Low-voltage electric devices. Part 6: Control.

Szükséges jogosultságokAuthorisations necessary for the performance of the inspection in the sense of items f) and j) of Paragraph 2 of the Regulation: OKJ 07 9 2152 07 90 04 – Contact protection inspector for compliance with standards as well as OKJ 07 982 19 0431 04 or 34 525 10 1 or 33 522 04 0001 33 05 or 31 522 05 1000 00 00 – Damp- and explosion-roof electric device operator.