Inspection of Heavy-current equipment for compliance with standards and cable insulation testing

The testing is constituted by visual controls as well as measurements requiring special instruments and their evaluation.

Among others the following inspections are include: short-circuit and overcurrent protection, insulation resistance and conditions, contact protection against hazardous components, colour marking and mechanical protection of wires, protection against accidents and injuries etc. The measurement of the cable insulation requires a special high-voltage insulation resistance measuring instrument by means of which the suitability or non-suitability of the insulation coat of the conductors can be detected.

Jogszabályi háttér

The inspection is required in Regulation 28/2011 (6th September) BM on the National Fire Prevention Rules. The formal/content requirements are specified for newly installed equipment in Standard MSZ HD 60364-6:2007 Low-voltage electric devices. Part 6: Control. The formal/content requirements of the cable insulation measurements are specified Standard MSZ 2364-610:2003 Establishment of electric devices of buildings. Part 6-61: First inspection and Standard MSZ 13207:2000 Selection, laying and load-bearing capacity of heavy-current cables and signal cables with a nominal voltage from 0.6/1 kV to 20.8/36 kV.

Szükséges jogosultságok

In accordance with Paragraph 215 of Chapter XII, Part 3 of Regulation 28/2011 (6th September) BM: “(1) The inspections may be managed and essential works may be performed only by persons qualified as periodic inspectors of heavy-current equipments in accordance with the legislation. (34 5222 03 – Periodic inspector of heavy-current equipments) (2) For the inspection of electric devices of rooms and open spaces belonging to fire hazard class A and B (hereinafter: explosive atmospheres) the person carrying out the inspection must be qualified as a damp- and explosion-proof electric device operator or an explosive-proof device operator in addition to those given in Section (1).”
(07 982 19 0431 04 or 34 525 10 1 or 33 522 04 0001 33 05 or 31 522 05 1000 00 00 – Damp- and explosion-proof electric device operator)