Planning, Expertising

Planning and Expertising related to industrial processes involving (also) explosive atmospheres are our core business. Our Company’s colleagues have planning and expert authorizations in several fields. The internationally known and acclaimed EPLAN planning system has been used by us for planning for years. During the years, our planning philosophy has been built on EPLAN considered to represent a significant independent added value by now.

Explosive atmospheres are present at several places in industrial processes. Sometimes, explosive circumstances may develop at places surprising even for engineers.

However, these parts of the processes must be also controlled and regulated, energy is required for their operation, they are exposed to all environmental impacts that affect also any other, non-explosive processes. The necessary labour safety, fire prevention, lightning protection and property protection tasks must be also solved in these explosive processes and process parts.

However, additional aspects resulting from the explosive circumstances must be also taken into consideration during planning, installation and operation of systems operating in explosive atmospheres. These specific circumstances and requirements have been set in standards and systems of standards guaranteeing safe operation of the processes for the human environment if they are observed.

The interpretation of the above closely related standards and systems of standards, proper and cost-efficient adherence to their contents are a complex activity for the performance of which today services of companies specialized in it are used in the planning and installation of technologies containing also explosive atmospheres all around the world. EX-ON Engineering Ltd. is one of these companies, engaged specifically in planning and expertising services related to the above explosive industrial process parts. Our professionally skilled colleagues are able to study the problems in a complex and competent way, to properly answer any questions in accordance with the legislation, standards and official requirements, taking into consideration also the customer’s interests.

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