General design, general contracting

Our customers often appoint us to perform design works not only in relation to our special fields within the given design process but also to perform the complex general design of the whole technical facility. Then we draw the complete and uniform plan documentation as a general designer.

We cooperate with the special designers of the relating special fields (architecture, machinery etc.). Our colleagues perform the project management and project surveillance duties in relation to the whole design process.
+ Planning of resources
+ Coordination
+ Scheduling

Based on the above we can guarantee general, comprehensive, well-arranged, detailed and professional plan documentation complying with all relevant standards and technical requirements and the legislation.

During the recent years, significant added values have been created at our Company in the field of the inspection, coordination, organisation and surveillance of the individual correlating work processes. Simultaneously, we have established close connections with a number of businesses that have become recognised in relating special fields. They include companies engaged in planning and construction.

Due to the above, we are able to perform complex planning and construction projects within our main line. Our Company undertakes to perform the general work if any equipment requiring special construction, design or implementation is needed. Naturally, the special demands of the flammable and explosive industrial processes must be also met in the case of such activities.

Relying on our special design and construction partners, we are able to professionally supervise, coordinate and perform all general design and construction works of any technical facility in a scheduled way.