Special solutions

Based on our skills acquired in relation to explosive and flammable technologies and equipment, we often take part in expert works related to the design and construction of special and custom devices and equipment at the request of our customers. 

In case of equipment and devices intended for use in explosive atmospheres and manufactured in series, the manufacturer performs and arranges for the performance of the relevant tests and the relating certifications procedures. “Only” application techniques specified in the manufacturer’s or relevant standards must be followed during the application.

However, the possibility of use in an explosive atmosphere occasionally arises also in the case of special or custom made devices in addition to devices manufactured in series. (E.g. measuring devices, experimental devices, partial protection processes) Adaptation of a device of normal (non-explosion-proof) design might be also necessary. In such cases, the relevant requirements guaranteeing general fire and explosion safety must be also observed.

In the framework of our relating service provision, the specialists of our Company offer their advisory services as well as the organisation of official licensing procedures and working out of procedures necessary for the CE-EC certification.