Lighting technique

During planning of lighting systems, several aspects must be taken into consideration the sphere of which may further increase in the case of certain industry-specific cases. Beyond lighting and light density values, proper colour rendering and anti-glare property must be also provided. The colour temperature of the selected light source has a significant effect on the comfort feeling. The lighting and re-lighting time is important in certain applications

Certain lighting technical systems may be designed for several purposes, e.g.:
+ Office
+ Hall
+ Outdoor
+ Reserve and emergency lighting systems
+ Safety lighting of hazardous working places
+ Safety signals

During the planning of lighting techniques, the following European standards must be observed (instead of the cancelled MSZ 6240 standard):
+ MSZ EN 1838:2000 Applied lighting techniques. Reserve lighting
+ MSZ EN 50172:2005 Safety lighting systems
+ MSZ EN 12464-2:2007 Lighting at work.  Part 2: Outdoor working places
+ MSZ EN 60598 Lighting fittings

In industries, finding solutions to the lighting of certain equipment, operator’s positions and passage ways is frequently needed. In such cases, proper explosion protection must be guaranteed for the lighting technical system. Devices of special design are regularly used with specific assembly technologies and material use in explosion-proof lighting systems.

The entry costs of explosion-proof lighting fittings are typically higher than those of normal designs. In addition, the fact that the efficiency of explosion-proof lighting fittings is lower (just due to the robust and special design and the material use) than that fittings of normal design with similar electric capacity must be also taken into consideration. As a result, the costs of the lighting of a plant hall containing an explosive process are significant compared to the construction costs of the hall. Therefore well considered lighting planning is particularly important to keep the investment costs at a low level.

There are special cases of explosion-proof lighting techniques when additional specific requirements must be also observed, e.g.:
+ Railway applications (Lighting of an railway wagon unloading station)
+ Clean space technologies in chemical plants and pharmaceutical plants

Planning of explosion-proof lighting technical systems belongs to our priority activities since an optimally designed and properly implemented lighting system offers significant cost reduction to the investor or user during both implementation and operation.