Official licensing

During the establishment of a process involving any explosive atmosphere(s) or its modification due to any reasons, several official organisations must be contacted depending on the nature of the establishment or modification.

During the procedure, technical data, plans and plan details must be submitted for the drawing of which cooperation of special designers well familiar with the requirements of the procedure are necessary. The procedures must be initiated at the regionally competent authorities of first or second instance in accordance with the relating legislation.

Some Hungarian technical authorities that may be involved in the procedures:

+ Mine authority: regionally competent District Mine Inspectorates
+ Fire prevention authority, fire department: regionally competent disaster prevention divisions
+ Hungarian Trade Licensing Office (MKEH, TMBF)
+ The measurement and technical safety authority of the regionally competent government agency
+ Railway authority: National Traffic Authority
+ Environment protection: regionally competent Inspectorate for Environment Protection, Nature Protection and Water Management
+ Building authority: building authority of first instance regionally competent in building licensing
+ National Communications Authority
+ Water Management Authority