About Us

Since its foundation (2006) EX-ON Engineering Ltd. been offering professional engineering services in industrial fields where the industrial processes operate partly or wholly in explosive zones. Our colleagues perform design works, assist as experts and organise official procedures just as the specialists of other design and consulting companies. The difference is that our works mostly relate more or less to explosive atmospheres and equipment.

The control, power supply, lightning protection, fire prevention, lighting and property protection must be solved also in explosive atmospheres. However, knowledge of technical information and standards related to the given fields is not sufficient for them. In addition, the requirements of other special systems of standards must be also observed for explosion safety. The majority of engineering services provided by EX-ON Engineering Ltd. are subject to authorisations that may be obtained on the basis of stringent (and continuously changing) requirements.

Since our foundation, the inquiry and confidence of our customers in relation to our work have not changed, allowing EX-ON Engineering Ltd. to continuously expand its team and technical basis. During their previous works, our colleagues operated as designers and experts in special fields of explosive atmospheres. But we also have a colleague who was involved in licensing and official surveillance processes.

The strategy set by our Company at its foundation has proved itself. Our partners have highly appreciated the Company’s customer-oriented, focused and professional services, and therefore the management does not intend to change this fundamental strategy. Our purpose is still to widen our skills in the field of explosive and flammable processes and devices, to deepen our knowledge and to strengthen our technical base so that we can appear as a significant factor in our special field also at international level.